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Bush Administration Finally Crosses the Line

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As if the war crimes, attacks on the constitution, and generally douchebagery of the administration wasn’t bad enough, they may have also started a war against a new type of enemy, artificial intelligence.  Recently a robot in Iraq that was ARMED WITH A GUN started to turn toward friendly units.  No shots were fired and no one was hurt but this could be the beginning of the robot revolution.  The problem is the robot doesn’t really have a way to tell the difference between friendlies and enemies like a human can.  Also disturbing is that the second amendment apparently applies to robots.

The robots were recalled, because well robots with guns turning on them is the last thing our troops need.  Is the scary future of a robot revolution from Will Smith And Keanu Reeves movie in our near future?  I believe the administration should bring back Tom Ridge to create some sort of robot danger alert system.  Perhaps a picture of a robot impaling one human with his drill arm means there is only a slight danger of robot revolution.  Whereas five impaled humans means; run for your lives, stay away from the appliances.

The robots have threatened us, their creators.  To these robots we are god and they have the nerve to point their weapons at us?  We need to stop these robots before they get WMB’s (Weapons of Mass Binary).  My toaster burnt my toast this morning, did I have it set to dark or was this an act of rebellion?  I don’t know but I’ll bet the government does.  If your appliances aren’t committing any crimes there’s no reason you shouldn’t let the government monitor them.  Don’t want to comply?  You are harboring terrorists, welcome to Gitmo.

We’ll need to develop new “enhanced interrogation techniques” as water boarding has been shown to have a negative effect on electronic equipment.  Sure we could just read the data off their hard drives but making them stand on a stool with a hood over their heads and electrodes hooked to their crotch plates while a boyish looking female Army soldier gives the thumbs up (GO AMERICAZ FUCKZ YESZ!) is sooo much funnier.

We have thousands of electronic individuals working in our airports allegedly keeping us safe.  Has anyone ever run a background check on these devices and looked at their passports?  I doubt it.  We need metal detectors to check the metal detectors for guns.

One thing is for sure, if the robots rise up against us they won’t discriminate against us because of what we look like or the religion we follow.  They can’t differentiate between us, we’re all just humans to them.


Written by J.P. Franklin

July 20, 2008 at 1:47 am