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Bob Novak Hit & Run

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Is it just me or does it suddenly feel cold in here?
Is it just me or does it suddenly feel cold in here?

I am watching MSNBC and they are talking about Bob Novak running a sixty-two year old man over with his Corvette and driving for a block before being stopped by a witness on a bike who happens to be an accomplished lawyer.  This story raises two major questions.  First does every conservative have a small penis?  I mean seriously Novak, a fucking Black Corvette?  Why not just go all out and buy a Hummer, a giant pair of “Truck Nutz”, and strap a 27″ black dildo to the grill?  The second, well really, how many questions was tha…  okay this is the fourth question, is Bob Novak fucked?

According to the witness, Novak hit the man, the man rolled up the windshield of Novak’s car, and landed on the ground.  Novak claims that he say a man punch the hood of his car and he was afraid he had done something to cause a road rage incident so he continued to drive until he was stopped by the man on the bike.  Bob is right about one thing, he did do something to cause a road rage incident, he ran a guy over.  When you run a man over and continue driving, you’re probably going to piss people off.

[Note: Bob Novak was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  That might have something to do with this incident although I’m not positive since I’m not a doctor.  I hate to hear that anyone is suffering from something like that, even though it may be someone I dislike.]


Written by J.P. Franklin

July 23, 2008 at 9:54 pm